Number of Books read during the past 12 months.
There are 398 books listed, of which 76 books have been read in the last year, 6 books read in the last month. That's a current average of 63 book(s) per year.

Reading (6)

Planned (10)

Finished (378)

Counterstrike: Black Fleet Trilogy 3 by Joshua Dalzelle The House of Shattered Wings by Aliette de Bodard
Lock In by John Scalzi Bloodlines (Star Wars: Legacy of the Force, Book 2) by Karen Traviss
Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier: Invincible by Jack Campbell The Desert Spear: Book Two of The Demon Cycle by Peter V. Brett
Merlin (The Pendragon Cycle , Book 2) by Stephen R. Lawhead Dark Running (Fourth Fleet Irregulars) by S J MacDonald
The Oversight by Charlie Fletcher Taliesin (The Pendragon Cycle, Book 1) by Stephen R. Lawhead
Ready Player One: A Novel by Ernest Cline The Last Watch (Watch, Book 4) by Sergei Lukyanenko
Traitor’s Blade by Sebastien de Castell The Empire’s Corps by Christopher G. Nuttall
The Nameless War (The Nameless War Trilogy, Volume 1) by Mr Edmond Michael Barrett Operation Arcana by John Joseph Adams (Editor)
Firefight: A Reckoners Novel by Brandon Sanderson Call to Arms: Black Fleet Trilogy 2 by Joshua Dalzelle
Blood Song (A Raven’s Shadow Novel) by Anthony Ryan Machine Learning with R by Brett Lantz
Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson Solaris Rising 2: The New Solaris Book of Science Fiction by Unknown
Foxglove Summer: A Rivers of London Novel by Ben Aaronovitch Warrior Mage: Chains of Honor, Book 1 (Volume 1) by Lindsay Buroker
Swords and Salt by Lindsay Buroker Securing SQL Server, Second Edition: Protecting Your Database from Attackers by Denny Cherry
The Human Division (Old Man’s War) by John Scalzi The Rhesus Chart (A Laundry Files Novel) by Charles Stross
Malice (The Faithful and the Fallen) by John Gwynne The Apocalypse Codex (A Laundry Files Novel) by Charles Stross
Reach for Infinity by Unknown Brothers in Valor (Man of War) by H. Paul Honsinger
The Fuller Memorandum by Charles Stross The Jennifer Morgue (A Laundry Files Novel) by Charles Stross
His Majesty’s Dragon (Temeraire, Book 1) by Naomi Novik Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi Volume 3 – Force War by John Ostrander
Necessary Evil (Milkweed Triptych) by Ian Tregillis Magician’s End: Book Three of the Chaoswar Saga by Raymond E. Feist
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 High-Performance T-SQL Using Window Functions by Itzik Ben-Gan EVE: Source by CCP Games
Jimmy and the Crawler by Raymond E. Feist The Atrocity Archives (A Laundry Files Novel) by Charles Stross
Once Dead (The Rho Agenda Inception) by Richard Phillips Cold Days (Dresden Files) by Jim Butcher
SQL Server Internals: In-Memory OLTP by Kalen Delaney Sixth of the Dusk by Brandon Sanderson
Codex Born: (Magic Ex Libris: Book Two) by Jim C. Hines EVE: Templar One (Eve Universe) by Tony Gonzales
Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell (Cosmere) by Brandon Sanderson Sand of Mars by Arthur C. Clarke
The City and the Stars by Arthur C. Clarke Enchantress (The Evermen Saga) by James Maxwell
Adapt And Overcome (The Maxwell Saga) (Volume 3) by Peter Grant Betrayal (Star Wars: Legacy of the Force, Book 1) by Aaron Allston
The Shadow Legions: Crimson Worlds VII (Volume 7) by Jay Allan The Shadow Of What Was Lost (The Licanius Trilogy) (Volume 1) by James Islington
Spellwright by B. Charlton Warship: Black Fleet Trilogy 1 by Joshua Dalzelle
Ride The Rising Tide (Maxwell Saga) (Volume 2) by Peter Grant Barbarians at the Gates by Christopher G. Nuttall
To Hell’s Heart (Crimson Worlds Book 6) by Jay Allan The Dirty Streets of Heaven by Tad Williams
The First Imperium (Crimson Worlds Book 4) by Jay Allan The Line Must Hold (Crimson Worlds Book 5) by Jay Allan
Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi Volume 2 – Prisoner of Bogan by John Ostrander Torrent (Rust & Relics 1) by Lindsay Buroker
The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier: Dreadnaught by Jack Campbell The Cost of Victory (Crimson Worlds Book 2) by Jay Allan
A Little Rebellion (Crimson Worlds Book 3) by Jay Allan Take The Star Road (The Maxwell Saga, Book 1) by Peter Grant
The Coming of Wisdom (The Seventh Sword) by Dave Duncan Justice Calling (The Twenty-Sided Sorceress) (Volume 1) by Annie Bellet
Magic of Thieves by C. Greenwood City of Demons by Kevin Harkness
Blaze (Tranquility Book 1) by Krista D. Ball Clash of Faiths: The Paladins #2 by David Dalglish
The Attribute of the Strong (Battle for the Solar System, #3) by Stephen Sweeney A Call to Duty (Manticore Ascendant) by David Weber, Timothy Zahn
Marines (Crimson Worlds Book 1) by Jay Allan Libriomancer: (Magic Ex Libris Book 1) by Jim C. Hines
Encounter with Tiber by Buzz Aldrin, John Barnes Blackcollar (The Blackcollar Series) by Timothy Zahn
Shard Knight: Echoes Across Time Book 1 (Volume 1) by Matthew Ballard Crown Imperilled by Raymond E. Feist
Steelheart (Reckoners #1) by Brandon Sanderson Seeing Further: The Story of Science, Discovery, and the Genius of the Royal Society by Bill Bryson
Freehold by William Dietz The Time of the Dark (The Darwath Trilogy, Book 1) by Barbara Hambly
Healer’s War by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Automated Planning: Theory by Malik Ghallab, Dana Nau, Paolo Traverso
For Honor We Stand (Man of War Book 2) by H. Paul Honsinger To Honor You Call Us (Man of War Book 1) by H. Paul Honsinger
A Memory of Light (The Wheel of Time) by Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson Hunted (Iron Druid Chronicles) by Kevin Hearne
Broken Homes: A Rivers of London Novel by Ben Aaronovitch Reluctant Swordsman by Dave Duncan
Heir of Novron, Vol. 3(Riyria Revelations) by Michael J. Sullivan The Third Side (Battle for the Solar System, #2) by Stephen Sweeney
The Serpent’s Shadow (Kane Chronicles, Book 3) by Rick Riordan The Throne of Fire (The Kane Chronicles, Book 2) by Rick Riordan
Allegiance (Star Wars) by Timothy Zahn Wool by Hugh Howey
I’m a Stranger Here Myself: Notes on Returning to America After 20 Years Away by Bill Bryson Neither Here nor There: Travels in Europe by Bill Bryson
XD:317: Fourth Fleet Irregulars (Volume 3) by S J MacDonald Red Seas Under Red Skies by Scott Lynch
The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch Karadon: Fourth Fleet Irregulars by S J MacDonald
Mission Zero (Fourth Fleet Irregulars) by S J MacDonald The Martian: A Novel by Andy Weir
Rise of Empire, Vol. 2 (Riyria Revelations) by Michael J. Sullivan Grimoire of the Lamb: An Iron Druid Chronicles Novella by Kevin Hearne
Falling Free (Miles Vorkosigan Adventures) by Lois McMaster Bujold The Honour of the Knights by Stephen Sweeney
Two Ravens and One Crow: An Iron Druid Chronicles Novella by Kevin Hearne Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi Volume 1 – Force Storm by John Ostrander
Lost King, The by Margaret Weis Star Wars Omnibus: Dark Times Volume 1 by Randy Stradley
Victorious (The Lost Fleet, Book 6) by Jack Campbell Relentless by Jack Campbell
Hero of Ages (Mistborn Trilogy 3) by Brandon Sanderson The Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold
Ender’s Shadow by Orson Scott Card Offworld by Robin Parrish
The Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi Season of the Harvest by Michael R. Hicks
City of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments, Book 2) by Cassandra Clare City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, Book 1) by Cassandra Clare
Knights Templar: The Essential History by Stephen Howarth The Well of Ascension (Mistborn Trilogy 2) by Brandon Sanderson
A Kingdom Besieged by Raymond E. Feist Wind Rider’s Oath by David Weber
The War God’s Own by David Weber Oath of Swords by David Weber
Hard Duty: Merkiaari Wars (Volume 1) by Mark E. Cooper Whispers Under Ground by Ben Aaronovitch
The Wayfarer King by K.C. May The Kinshield Legacy by K. C. May
Trapped (The Iron Druid Chronicles, Book Five) by Kevin Hearne The Judging Eye (The Aspect-Emperor) by R. Scott Bakker
Star Wars: Darth Plagueis by James Luceno Rising Stars, Book 1: Born in Fire by Arthur Byron Cover
The Year 1000: What Life Was Like at the Turn of the First Millennium, An Englishman’s World by Robert Lacey, Danny Danziger Final Empire (Mistborn Trilogy 1) by Brandon Sanderson
Total Recall by Philip K. Dick Partials by Dan Wells
The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss Dzur (Vlad Taltos) by Steven Brust
Issola (Vlad Taltos) by Steven Brust Echoes of Betrayal (Paladin’s Legacy) by Elizabeth Moon
Hell to Pay (Nightside, Book 7) by Simon R. Green Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, Book 3) by Suzanne Collins
Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, Book 2) by Suzanne Collins Songs of the Earth (Wild Hunt) by Elspeth Cooper
The Truth of Valor (Valor Novel) by Tanya Huff Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth (Nightside, Book 6) by Simon R. Green
Moon Over Soho by Ben Aaronovitch Theft of Swords (Riyria Revelations) by Michael J. Sullivan
Dawn for a Distant Earth: The Forever Hero, Volume 1 by L. E. Modesitt Jr. Valiant (The Lost Fleet, Book 4) by Jack Campbell
The Edge of the World (Terra Incognita) by Kevin J. Anderson The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers
Ghost Story: A Novel of the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher Towers of Midnight (The Wheel of Time) by Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson
Mary Stewart’s Merlin Trilogy by Mary Stewart Owlknight (Darian’s Tale, Book 3) by Mercedes Lackey, Larry Dixon
Owlsight (Darian’s Tale, Book 2) by Mercedes Lackey Owlflight (Darian’s Tale, Book 1) by Mercedes Lackey, Larry Dixon
In Her Name: Final Battle by Michael R. Hicks In Her Name: Confederation by Michael R. Hicks
In Her Name: Empire by Michael R. Hicks In Her Name: Dead Soul by Michael R Hicks
In Her Name: Legend Of The Sword by Michael R. Hicks In Her Name: First Contact by Michael R. Hicks
The Solstice Treaty by David Belltower Courageous (The Lost Fleet, Book 3) by Jack Campbell
The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett A Tear in the Sky: The Templar Chronicles urban fantasy series (Volume 3) by Joseph Nassise
A Scream of Angels: The Templar Chronicles urban fantasy series (Volume 2) by Joseph Nassise The Heretic: A Templar Chronicles novel (Volume 1) by Joseph Nassise
Deathstalker War by Simon R. Green The Way of Kings, Part 1 (Stormlight Archive) by Brandon Sanderson
Kings of the North (Paladin’s Legacy) by Elizabeth Moon The Sworn (The Fallen Kings Cycle) by Gail Z. Martin
The Red Pyramid (The Kane Chronicles, Book 1) by Rick Riordan Armies of Light and Dark (Babylon 5: Legions of Fire, Book 2) by Peter David
Tricked: The Iron Druid Chronicles, Book Four by Kevin Hearne The Phoenix Conspiracy by Richard Sanders
Snow Crash (Bantam Spectra Book) by Neal Stephenson The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
The Saga of Seven Suns 4. Scattered Suns by Kevin J. Anderson Hammered: The Iron Druid Chronicles, Book Three by Kevin Hearne
Rivers of London (Rivers of London 1) by Ben Aaronovitch Valor’s Trial: A Confederation Novel (Valor Novel) by Tanya Huff
Daemon by Daniel Suarez Gridlinked: The First Agent Cormac Novel by Neal Asher
The Gathering Storm (Wheel of Time) by Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter (Princeton Science Library) by Richard P. Feynman
Disappearing Spoon and Other True Tales of Madness, Love, and the History of the World from the Peri by Sam Kean Oath of Fealty by Elizabeth Moon
Spinward Fringe: Origins by Randolph Lalonde Down the Bright Way by Robert Reed
The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark by Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan The Short Victorious War (Honor Harrington #3) by David Weber
The Honour of the Queen (Honor Harrington #2) by David Weber On Basilisk Station (Honor Harrington) by David Weber
A Wizard of Mars: The Ninth Book in the Young Wizards Series by Diane Duane Side Jobs: Stories from the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher
The Twilight Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko Paths Not Taken (Nightside, Book 5) by Simon R. Green
The Day Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko, Vladimir Vasiliev Fearless (The Lost Fleet, Book 2) by Jack Campbell
The Warded Man by Peter V. Brett Lord of Emperors: Book Two of the Sarantine Mosaic by Guy Gavriel Kay
Dauntless (The Lost Fleet, Book 1) by Jack Campbell Physics of the Impossible: A Scientific Exploration into the World of Phasers, Force Fields, Telepor by Michio Kaku
Changes (Dresden Files, Book 12) by Jim Butcher The Gods of Mars: John Carter of Mars, Book Two by Edgar Rice Burroughs
A Princess of Mars: John Carter of Mars: Book One by Edgar Rice Burroughs The Heart of Valor: A Confederation Novel by Tanya Huff
Hexed (The Iron Druid Chronicles, Book Two) by Kevin Hearne Hounded: The Iron Druid Chronicles, Book One by Kevin Hearne
Quest for Lost Heroes by David Gemmell Deathstalker Rebellion by Simon R. Green
Eon: Rise of the Dragoneye by Alison Goodman EXPOSE 6: The Finest Digital Art in the Known Universe by Unknown
The Eyes of God by John Marco Practical Genetic Algorithms by Randy L. Haupt, Sue Ellen Haupt
Sailing to Sarantium: Book One of the Sarantine Mosaic by Guy Gavriel Kay Intention, Plans, and Practical Reason by Michael E. Bratman
Area 7 by Matthew Reilly Masters of Fantasy by Unknown
The Stars, Like Dust by Isaac Asimov Airframe: A Novel by Michael Crichton
The Night Watch (Watch, Book 1) by Sergei Lukyanenko Star Rigger’s Way by Jeffrey A. Carver
Hex and the City (Nightside, Book 4) by Simon R. Green Synthesis (Star Trek: Titan #6) by James Swallow
The Phoenix Transformed (The Enduring Flame) by Mercedes Lackey, James Mallory The Long Night of Centauri Prime (Babylon 5: Legions of Fire, Book 1) by Peter David
Robert Ludlum’s The Lazarus Vendetta: A Covert-One Novel by Robert Ludlum, Patrick Larkin Robert Ludlum’s The Altman Code: A Covert-One Novel by Robert Ludlum, Gayle Lynds
Nightingale’s Lament (Nightside, Book 3) by Simon R. Green The Light of Other Days by Arthur C. Clarke
Star Trek: Destiny #3: Lost Souls by David Mack Star Trek: Destiny #2: Mere Mortals by David Mack
Elantris by Brandon Sanderson The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower) by Stephen King
The Bourne Identity: A Novel by Robert Ludlum Agents of Light and Darkness (Nightside, Book 2) by Simon R. Green
The Dragon Token (Dragon Star, Book 2) by Melanie Rawn Something from the Nightside (Nightside, Book 1) by Simon R. Green
A Confederation of Valor (omnibus) by Tanya Huff Three Roads to Quantum Gravity by Lee Smolin
A Calculus of Angels (The Age of Unreason, Book 2) by J. Gregory Keyes Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night by David Mack
Earthfall (Homecoming) by Orson Scott Card Stronghold (Dragon Star, Book 1) by Melanie Rawn
The Crystal City (The Tales of Alvin Maker, Book 6) by Orson Scott Card Guards of Haven: The Adventures of Hawk and Fisher by Simon R. Green
Deathstalker by Simon R. Green The Eyre Affair: A Thursday Next Novel (Thursday Next Novels (Penguin Books)) by Jasper Fforde
Expert SQL Server 2005 Development by Adam Machanic, Hugo Kornelis, Lara Rubbelke The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 5) by Rick Riordan
The Battle of the Labyrinth (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 4) by Rick Riordan The Titan’s Curse (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 3) by Rick Riordan
The Sea Of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 2) by Rick Riordan The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1) by Rick Riordan
Childhood’s End (Del Rey Impact) by Arthur C. Clarke Heartfire (The Tales of Alvin Maker, Book 5) by Orson Scott Card
Alvin Journeyman (Tales of Alvin Maker, Book 4) by Orson Scott Card Prentice Alvin (The Tales of Alvin Maker, Book 3) by Orson Scott Card
Red Prophet (Tales of Alvin Maker, Book 2) by Orson Scott Card Seventh Son (Tales of Alvin Maker, Book 1) by Orson Scott Card
Songs of Distant Earth by Arthur C. Clarke Notes From a Small Island by Bill Bryson
The Time Machine (SF Masterworks) by H. G. Wells Rides a Dread Legion: Book One of the Demonwar Saga by Raymond E. Feist
The Call of Earth by Orson Scott Card 19 Deadly Sins of Software Security: Programming Flaws and How to Fix Them (Security One-off) by Michael Howard, David LeBlanc, John Viega
First Lord’s Fury (Codex Alera) by Jim Butcher Lords of the Bow by Conn Iggulden
The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering, Anniversary Edition (2nd Edition) by Frederick P. Brooks On the Shores of the Unknown: A Short History of the Universe by Joseph Silk
Warrior Soul: The Memoir of a Navy Seal by Chuck Pfarrer Issola (Vlad Taltos) by Steven Brust
Turn Coat (The Dresden Files, Book 11) by Jim Butcher Hawk by Simon R. Green
Robert Ludlum’s The Cassandra Compact: A Covert-One Novel by Robert Ludlum, Philip Shelby Robert Ludlum’s The Hades Factor: A Covert-One Novel by Robert Ludlum
Taliesin by Stephen R. Lawhead The Phoenix Endangered: Book Two of The Enduring Flame by Mercedes Lackey, James Mallory
Down Under by Bill Bryson The Call of Earth by Orson Scott Card
Genetic Algorithms in Search, Optimization, and Machine Learning by David E. Goldberg Valhalla Rising (Dirk Pitt Adventure) by Clive Cussler
That Way Lies Camelot by Janny Wurts Mister Monday (Keys to the Kingdom, Book 1) by Garth Nix
Night Probe! by Clive Cussler Devlin’s Justice (Sword of Change, Book 3) by Patricia Bray
Abhorsen (Abhorsen Trilogy) by Garth Nix Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering by Robert L. Glass
In Search of Schrödinger’s Cat: Quantum Physics and Reality by John Gribbin Wolf of the Plains by Conn Iggulden
My Swordhand Is Singing by Marcus Sedgwick Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays by Stephen W. Hawking
The Warlords of Nin (The Dragon King Trilogy, Book 2) by Stephen R. Lawhead In the Hall of the Dragon King (The Dragon King Trilogy, Book 1) by Stephen R. Lawhead
The Paradise War (The Song of Albion) by Stephen R. Lawhead The Mammoth Book of Mind-Blowing SF by Assorted
The Teeth Of The Tiger (Jack Ryan) by Tom Clancy Readings in Planning (Morgan Kaufmann Series in Representation and Reasoning) by James Allen, James Hendler
Silverfall: Stories of the Seven Sisters (Forgotten Realms: Stand-Alone Novel) by Ed Greenwood Lirael (Abhorsen Trilogy) by Garth Nix
The Sky Road by Ken MacLeod Planning Algorithms by Steven M. LaValle
Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco Sabriel (Abhorsen) by Garth Nix
The Name of the Wind (Kingkiller Chronicles, Day 1) by Patrick Rothfuss Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy
Stray by A.N. Wilson A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking
The 13th Warrior by Michael Crichton Eats, Shoots and leaves by Lynne Truss
Do the Right Thing: Studies in Limited Rationality (Artificial Intelligence) by Stuart Russell, Eric H. Wefald Looking for Jake and Other Stories by China Mieville
Brisingr by Christopher Paolini The Biggest Bangs: The Mystery of Gamma-Ray Bursts, the Most Violent Explosions in the Universe by Jonathan I. Katz
Princeps’ Fury: Book Five of the Codex Alera by Jim Butcher A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America Along the Appalachian Trail by Bill Bryson
The Battle of Evernight (The Bitterbynde Trilogy) by Cecilia Dart-Thornton The Lady of the Sorrows (The Bitterbynde, Book 2) by Cecilia Dart-Thornton
The Icarus Hunt by Timothy Zahn The Elder Gods by David Eddings, Leigh Eddings
The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry Expose 5: Finest Digital Art in the Known Universe by Daniel Wade
Knights of the Black and White by Jack Whyte Artificial Intelligence Illuminated by Ben Coppin
Stealing Light by Gary Gibson Young Warriors: Stories of Strength by Tamora Pierce, Josepha Sherman
Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds White Mars by Roger Penrose
Pro SQL Server 2005 Database Design and Optimization by Louis Davidson Small Favor (The Dresden Files, Book 10) by Jim Butcher
Dark Alchemy: Magical Tales from Masters of Modern Fantasy by Jack, and Gardner Dozois, eds. Dann Knife of Dreams (The Wheel of Time, Book 11) by Robert Jordan
Captain’s Fury (Codex Alera, Book 4) by Jim Butcher Practical Planning: Extending the Classical AI Planning Paradigm (Morgan Kaufmann Series in Represen by David E. Wilkins
Wrath of a Mad God (The Darkwar Saga, Book 3) by Raymond E. Feist The Phoenix Unchained (Enduring Flame, Book 1) by Mercedes Lackey
Into a Dark Realm (The Darkwar Saga, Book 2) by Raymond E. Feist White Night (The Dresden Files, Book 9) by Jim Butcher
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2005: Query Tuning and Optimization by Kalen Delaney Galactic North by Alastair Reynolds
Foundations of SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence by Lynn Langit The Broken Kings: Book Three of The Merlin Codex by Robert Holdstock
Pro SQL Server Disaster Recovery by James Luetkehoelter Cursor’s Fury (Codex Alera, Book 3) by Jim Butcher
Strands of Starlight by Gael Baudino The Born Queen (Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone) by Greg Keyes
The Language of Power by Rosemary Kirstein Talon of the Silver Hawk (Conclave of Shadows) by Raymond E. Feist
King of Foxes (Conclave of Shadows, Book 2) by Raymond E. Feist The Thousandfold Thought (The Prince of Nothing, Book 3) by R. Scott Bakker
Essential Software Architecture by Ian Gorton Proven Guilty (The Dresden Files, Book 8) by Jim Butcher
The Guru’s Guide to SQL Server Architecture and Internals by Ken Henderson SQL Server 2005 Practical Troubleshooting: The Database Engine (SQL Server Series) by Ken Henderson
Beyond Reason: Eight Great Problems That Reveal the Limits of Science by A. K. Dewdney Helix by Eric Brown
The Blood Knight (Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone, Book 3) by Greg Keyes The Iron Grail (Merlin Codex) by Robert Holdstock
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2005: The Storage Engine by Kalen Delaney Furies of Calderon (Codex Alera) by Jim Butcher
MCITP Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-444): Optimizing and Maintaining a Database Administration So by Orin Thomas The Dark Is Rising (Puffin Books) by Susan Cooper
Head First Java, 2nd Edition by Kathy Sierra Code Craft: The Practice of Writing Excellent Code by Pete Goodliffe