Pass 2008

PASS 2008 community summit

The (almost complete) schedule for the 2008 PASS conference is now available and there are some fantastic looking sessions.

Some of the highlights of the schedule (at least for me) are:

The big news (not that it’s exactly news by now) is that I’m speaking at the summit this year. I’m presenting a session on how to write badly-performing queries. The session is late on Friday afternoon and is immediately followed (in the same room) by Adam Machanic and Peter DeBetta’s session on Antipatterns and Malpractices. Looks like a fun afternoon focused on how things shouldn’t be done.

Pass 2008

I’ve been pondering for some weeks whether or not I will be going to PASS in Seattle this year. Unlike previous years, I’m going to have to pay my own way, and it’s not going to be a cheap trip

I finally decided that it is worth going. It will probably be the last time I can attend the US conference, so I intend to make the most of it.